Raini & Chuck

How Raini Got Started

Exercise was not in Raini’s vocabulary. She was not athletic growing up and instead enjoyed reading and being a musician. Her father was an exercise enthusiast (to say the least!) and Raini never understood why! In her early 50’s she decided to train for a triathlon. If it didn’t work out that was no big deal, she just wanted to make some new friends. She never thought she would continue with any form of exercise. Well, she never imagined what would happen next, she got hooked!

Raini’s Journey Took Course

Raini reached out to UpGrade Lifestyle because she wanted to get stronger and healthier. Jill Baulieu and the team at UpGrade helped her get started with weekly strength training sessions, a customized nutrition plan and a monthly multi-sport training calendar. Soon she found her weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol were down. At her company’s annual assessment, she had the best numbers ever! She was excited to wear clothes from the back of her closet that didn’t fit the last couple of years.
Her journey as an athlete continued with leaps and bounds! A bit of her Father’s enthusiasm showed up as she got stronger and very determined to complete challenging endurance events. Raini has now completed many triathlons including Ironman NC 70.3 and Lake Logan 70.3 as well as the famed 50-mile bike ride, Blood, Sweat & Gears! She keeps up with her monthly training plans because she feels so good and does not want to revert back to her unhealthy self. She never thought she would enjoy running but looks forward to Megan’s run class which helps with speed and stamina. Raini also enjoys practicing yoga after a high energy Computrainer class.

Chuck Joined The Journey

Her lifestyle has completely changed and thank goodness her husband, Chuck, was up for the challenges! Chuck trains with Raini and has competed in relay triathlons, running and bike races and is even getting in the pool! Regular exercise by following a monthly training plan has created healthy habits which have them eating well, having fun, and feeling happy with lots of energy. They need all this energy as they are now training for a very challenging hiking trip in Patagonia. Raini did make the new friends she was hoping for and a new lifestyle she did not expect.

Now it’s a Lifestyle with More Healthy Adventures Ahead

Raini and Chuck plan on staying the course with their healthy lifestyle regime. They will continue to find fun events to conquer with friends while exploring new places. Staying healthy, fit and happy is a top priority for Raini and Chuck. Raini is in the best shape of her life which is amazing as she gets closer to 60. For Raini, 60 will be the new 50 for sure!