Importance of Strength & Core Training for Athletes

From Megan Hovis & Sarah Hart, Certified Personal Trainers with UpGrade Lifestyle (former Division I All-American Student Athletes in Track & Field, Cross Country & Swimming)

One of the biggest misconceptions about becoming a better athlete is that you need to solely focus on building speed, stamina and endurance rather than strength and core work. In fact, if an athlete wants to achieve optimal performance, a strong core is imperative. Not only does it help prevent injury, a strong core can greatly improve your form, allowing you to increase speed, stamina, endurance and efficiency.

Core strength for all athletes is especially important. As you near the end of a race or event, when you are especially fatigued, your form may be compromised. This will not only decrease your pace and efficiency, it may open the door to potential injuries. Often athletes experience lower back ache, hip and joint pain. A routine that includes building up core strength will help to maintain good posture, and reduce the pains and potential injuries that result from poor posture.

Having a strong core will set you up for athletic success. Take the time and energy to make it happen!