Swim Advancement Classes

Geared towards improving technique, pacing & overall fitness level

– Huntersville Family Fitness and Aquatics: TRI Swim Classes & Swim Lessons
– Huntersville Open Water: In season (May-Sept)
– UpGrade Training Studio: Indoor Swim Ergometer

TRI Swim Classes

TU/TH 6:15AM
TU/TH 7:15AM
TU/TH 8:15AM
TU 9:15AM
TH 10:00AM

Private & Small Group Swim Lessons
Year round by appointment

Contact sarahhart@huntersville.org for additional information and registration

Open Water Swim

May-August: Fridays 6:30AM & 7:30AM
In Sept: Fridays 7:00AM


OWS Class $20 per hour
Private lesson $45-$75 (30-60 min)
Contact jill@upgradelifestyleinc.com


Indoor Swim Ergometer
Year round by appointment


Indoor Training: $45 per ½ hour
Contact sarah@upgradelifestyleinc.com or jill@upgradelifestyleinc.com

Cancellation Procedure
If the client fails to make the appointment time, the client is still responsible for the coaching fee, unless 24 hour notice was given to reschedule the session.


Certified Personal Fitness Trainer NESTA, USAT Level l Certified Coach, CompuTrainer Class Trainer, Swim Coach


Sarah Hart
HFFA Triathlon & Multi-Sport Director
Health Promotion & Wellness Specialist, Certified Personal Fitness Trainer NESTA,  Biomechanics Specialist, Lifestyle Fitness & Nutrition Coach